Presserklärung des Deutschen Netzwerkes zum Mord an Marwa El Sherbini

German network of Anna Lindh Foundation condemns murder of Marwa El Sherbini

The members of the German network of the Euro-Mediterranean Anna Lindh Foundation for the Dialogue between cultures were completely shocked when they heard about the cruel assassination of Marwa El Sherbini inside the building of a courthouse. Marwa El Sherbini has lost her live last Wednesday when defending her rights in court in Dresden/Saxony against a fanatic who had attacked her verbally last year on a playground. The pregnant Egyptian woman lived with her husband, a scientist, and their 3-year-old son since four years in Dresden. Her husband was also injured.

Marwa El Sherbini came to Germany with her husband, who had a scholarship by the Egyptian government to enrich Germany by exchange of knowledge, to learn and to give, and here she has found this tragic end.

We as members of a network aimed at mutual understanding and dialogue are condemning this brutal murder with racist motives.

Marwa El Sherbini was attacked verbally last year by the same person as being “terrorist” and “Islamist”. Her case shows tragically how dangerous this form of hate speech is. We consider Germany an open society with more than seven million foreigners, among them many students and scientists. As a network with more than 100 member institutions that reaches out to tens of thousands of people we will stand up against hate speech, verbal attacks and other hostilities against foreigners and Muslims in our country and we will continue to build bridges between people North and South of the Mediterranean.

This brutal murder sadly underlines that we have still got a long way to go with our dialogue initiatives in order to reach out to even more people and into new strata of society. The members of the network are decided to strengthen their efforts in society, politics and media to overcome hate, mistrust and discrimination and to realize respect for each other and peace as the basis for our common future.

All our feelings are with her husband, her child and her family, relatives and friends in Germany and in Egypt.

German Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation

Munich, Germany, 6th of July 2009