Ungarische Initiative auf der Suche nach Dichtern für das Festival ‚Art Against Discrimination‘

Call for Poets!

We are an independent cultural centre located in Budapest and are currently organising a two month ‚Art Against Discrimination‘ festival that will take place in May and June of 2010. The festival will tackle the concept of discrimination in all of its forms and demonstrate the possibility of solidarity despite cultural, social and linguistic barriers. It will involve a variety of art forms including cinema, theatre, dance, literature, visual arts, music, lectures and debate. In each of these areas artists from a range of countries will work together, finding ways to communicate through
the arts whilst still embracing their inherent cultural differences. There will be a section of the festival in which we collect poems that focus on the topic of discrimination We will print the writings on A1 size posters in the original language and also in translation and put them up in crowded public places in five different cities around Europe.

Also we make an antology of them. This part of the project will reach the most people and will encourage them to think about the pre-determined cultural divisions that lie within European society and what ‚identity‘
actually means. We are currently searching for poets who feel they can contribute works that
stem from this theme and would be willing to participate in this way. If you are interested please send one or some poems to this email address: internationalaffairs@tuzrakter.hu. We hope that if we present a variety of people from different cultures working together and creating new, and positive material based around the concept that supposedly tears them apart, discrimination, then we can further understanding between people, both artists and viewers alike, and they will give an idea to re-think and break down any stereotypes that exist for them. Through this concept we will ultimately help in weakening
discrimination in society. I hope that you, as writers, will help us realise this goal.


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