Palestinian – German Dialogue about Theater and Theater Education

Friday 30.3.2012 and Saturday 31.3.2012

The Dar al Kalima College- Bethlehem

Committee on Church and Theatre / Federal Association of Drama and Theatre in

University for Applied Sciences Osnabrück and Lingen- Institute for Theater

Goethe Institute-Ramallah

Sponsored by the United Lutheran Church- Germany and the Goethe Institute Ramallah

Goal of the Meeting:

Build up a network and a long-term Palestinian-German dialogue between theater artists and
drama teachers, drama educationalists and theater scientists to exchange ideas and
experiences concerning theater and theater education, artistic goals and how this could
influence society.
Additionally, there should be an international exchange about the role of theater in the
personal development and social transformation processes seeking ways of how to reach the
uneducated and marginalized groups. What role does theater play in improving the quality of
life and the art of living together, in the creation of spaces for the development of creative
abilities of public and political articulation and participation in society?
Existing structures, interested theater initiatives in Palestine and Germany, theater groups,
schools, universities and individuals should be in a network for a long term partnership that
shall include a joint learning process. An open discourse should also be practiced with and
through theater and theater exchanges, cooperation, tours and festivals. At the same time a
cultural basis for theater work and training field for drama teachers should be further
developed in Palestine and Germany. Support structures and concepts as well as practice in
the international cooperation should be discovered and developed.

For further information: program-bethdoc


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