ADVOCACY TRAINING – Join the pilot!

The online debate program is open to debate clubs across Europe and the Southern Mediterranean interested in piloting online debates across borders. The debates will see intercultural teams working together to debate relevant topics across the region. This ground-breaking initiative will see participants working together with youth from other countries in order to develop critical thinking skills and explore subjects that can lead to advocacy impact. The aim of the Online Facilitator Trainingis to support in the development of debate clubs and specifically our online debate programme. In order to take part in the online debate programme it is expected that at least one facilitator is trained prior to the debate event taking place.

The online debate programme and debate facilitator trainings will take place between June and September 2018. Find out more about Advocacy Trainingand express your interest through the online form. You will then be contacted about modalities for participation

First opportunity for delivery of a Pilot Debate:

  • 9 June. First Facilitator Training for up to 10 participants takes place from 10 am to 4 pm CEST time.
  • 11 June. A Local Training (where facilitators train Debate Club members on online debating).
  • 13 June. Pilot Online Debate event with 12 participants from 2 Debate Clubs (South/North) takes place from 10 am to 6 pm CEST time.

Second opportunity:

  • 23 June. Second Facilitator Training is scheduled.


For questions please contact:




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