Along with a consortium of several organizations, we are partner in the pilot phase of the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project, established by the European Commission in 2018 as part of the Erasmus+ programme. This innovative project brings together young people from across the world and facilitates intercultural learning through Virtual Exchanges, which are technology-enabled people-to-people dialogues.

Virtual Exchanges are a ground-breaking way to create cross-cultural dialogue among youth worldwide. Through technology, Virtual Exchanges enable youth to have international experiences and engage in meaningful discussion, over extended periods of time, without ever having to leave their home countries.

Through a safe, online platform, Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange will connect young people, youth workers, students, and academics from Europe and the Southern Mediterranean through moderated discussions, transnational projects, and interactive online courses and advocacy trainings. Participants will come away with increased intercultural awareness and enriched 21st Century skills.

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchanges are open to all people between the ages of 18 and 30 living in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean, expanding the scope and reach of the Erasmus+ program. By partnering with organizations and universities, Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange complements both formal and non-formal education by enhancing critical thinking and media literacy skills while also offering an opportunity to practice foreign languages.

Established under a contract with the Education, Audiovisual, and Culture Executive Agency,Erasmus+ Virtual Exchangeis financed by the European Union. The project is implemented by a consortium composed of Search for Common Ground, Anna Lindh Foundation, UNIMED, Sharing Perspectives Foundation, Soliya, UNICollaboration, Kiron Open Higher Education, and Migration Matters.

For more information about Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange, click here


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