Multiple Mediterranean Realities

Spaces, Resources, Connectivity

26-28th April 2012

Ruhr-Universität Bochum

ZMS – Zentrum für Mittelmeerstudien

Despite its arbitrary delineation of space the Mediterranean is often considered as a category for social and historical studies. Especially Braudel`s „Mediterranée“ had an immense impact on this field of research, advocating a distinctiveness of Mediterranean geography. His concept of a longue durée led in many ways to a deterministic conception of its land- and seascapes, which produced an ahistorical understanding of the sea as a main actor for interregional contact through the ages. Subsequent research such as the one by Horden and Purcell modified among others Braudel`s general approach by emphasizing the diversity of Mediterranean landscapes and its different resources as important factors for the formation of an interregional connectivity, however they maintain his main idea.

The main aim of this conference is to question the static, homogeneous, and ahistorical conception of a Mediterranean unity and interconnectivity through time, often produced by some archaeological, anthropological, historical, and political science discourses. It aspires instead to foreground a range of diverse and often conflicting or contradictory, materially produced Mediterranean realities – realities that are historically contingent and politically sustained and reproduced. Furthermore, it aims to analyze how these realities are interrelated, both in scholarly knowledge production as well as in public imagination.

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Poster Multiple Mediterranean Realities


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