Partnersuche: Training für EU-Förderungen in Italien

The association „Informagiovani“ (Youth Information) from Palermo, Italy, is going to submitt a project proposal at the next deadline of the 1st of February to organize a training course on the use of European funds for youth and/social activities.

We already have 12 partners from 9 countries but we aim to reach the number of 20 partner organizations.

Content of the training

– General overview of the EU funds for social activities (Progress, ESF, etc)

– Detailed presentation of the following programmes: Youth in Action, Europe for Citizens

– Presentation of: Daphne III, Citizenship and civil rights, Drug abuse prevention

Duration of the training 6 days

Venue: Palermo, Italy

Dates: october or november 2010 (most probably 19-24 october)

Financial conditions: no participation fee and travel reimbursement up to 90% for the participants

Each partner organization can send one or two participants (one if there are more than one partners from the same country, two if there is only one partner from one country)

If you want more information, please contact p.galluccio

If you want be partner of the project, please send by the 15th of January

– the CV of your organization

– the partnership form you can download from

PLEASE NOTE that since we don’t know yet if we will submitt under action 4 or 3 (action 4 will be multimeasure), we need you to send BOTH the partnership forms part II and part III

Please send by email to


or fax to


and than send the original to


INFO R1 – 2010

Via della Giraffa 35

i 90125 Palermo – Italy

Argonauti società cooperativa sociale, Informagiovani a Palermo, <a href=“mailto:nomade e Servizio Civile Internazionale.


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