Worshop on non-violent communication in European Youth Work. Step 1

7 days training on Nonviolent Communication in working with young people and young adults on the non-formal and outside of school basis (associations, Life Long Learning, trainings, youth movements, community work). Topics: 4 NVC steps (observing, feeling, needs and request), empathy, saying „no“, receiving criticism, opinions and judgements- what instead?, relfection, grattitude. Apart of that: Youth in Action Programme, Youthpass, visiting Wroclaw and Aquapark, partnership building and integration

Date: 23 November 2010 (arrival day) – 1 December 2010 (departure day)
Location: Wrocław, Poland, Europe

Countries: Poland, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Turkey, United Kingdom, Greece
Level: Basic
Language: English

Eva Rambala and Agnieszka Pawlik

Who is it for
Youth workers, community workers, trainers, volunteers in the charity organisations who work directly with young people, teachers who work with youth also on the non-formal basis. If you don’t find yourself in any of these groups, but still would like to come, please, contact the organizer.
Countries: Poland, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Turkey, United Kingdom, Greece
Number of free places left: 10 (total: 20). They will be distributed according to the time of applying.

75 euro per person. The grant from Youth in Action Programme covers the rest of the costs (accommodation, food, training) and 70% of your travel to Poland

Information and registration
Agnieszka Pawlik agnie.pawlik

Trainer: www.rambala.hu
Organizer: Nonviolent Life Foundation: www.fzbp.org
The main sponsor: Youth in Action Programme: ec.europa.eu/youth


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