Training course on development of EuroMed youth projects “Active participation – do it with EuroMed!”

Training course on development of EuroMed youth projects “Active participation – do it with EuroMed!”

29 November – 4 December 2011, Sigulda (Latvia)


Would you like to test the real challenges in Euro-Mediterranean partnership,  taste the diversity and differences in youth projects and create new ways of cooperation between partners….?!


… then this training course is for you!


General idea: to bring together representatives of youth organizations from European and Meda countries in order to develop common projects to enhance active participation of youth



-To build partnerships and work out project ideas -To identify challenges in cooperation between the regions and find out possible actions for prevention or solution -To develop cooperation and communication skills of participants along with their intercultural competence and cultural sensitivity -To contribute to creation of better understanding of national and regional realities of young people and specificities in youth work, youth policy and needs of young people -To explore opportunities and challenges of the „Youth in Action” 

programme and other tools as means for development of international youth activities, projects and cooperation


Target group: Project managers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Youth Policy Makers, Youth workers (from “Youth in Action” programme countries and Mediterranean partner countries)


Organizer: Latvian National Agency



Due to visa procedures, there are different deadlines for participants from Meda and „Youth in Action” programme countries:

– for the candidates from Meda region – Sunday, 25.09.2011

– for the candidates from Programme countries – Monday,10.10.2011.


Applying online and more information:


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